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Resume number: 432451902 Updating date: 2017-07-25 07:29:14 no photo
Name: Mr. gai guo wang Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Dongguan Height/Weight: 174 cm80 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 42 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: Manufacture/Operation: IE 、PE engineer 、 Electronics/Electrical/Semiconductor/Instrument: Technology Engineer 、 Manufacture/Operation:
Working life: 16 Title: No title
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In a day
Expected salary: ¥6,500~¥7,999 Preferred working place: Guangzhou Shenzhen Dongguan
Work experience
Company's name:Blue Ocean Innovation LimitedBegin and end date: 2011-05-2017-06
Enterprise nature:OthersIndustry: Other Industries
Job Title: PIE Senior Engineer  
Job description: 1.The subordinate organization of work and to report to work.
2.Study on the process of new products and pricing, new product to follow up and evaluation.
3.The chinese EOI auditing and approval, the technical problems and production efficiency.
4.the APQP file discussion and review.
5.New product introduction and production follow-up.  
Reasons for leaving: Personal development space 
Company's name:I Solutions Limited-electronics factory in Taiwan LiteonBegin and end date: 2006-12-2011-04
Enterprise nature:OthersIndustry: Communication/Telecom/Network Equipment
Job Title: Senior  Elctronic Engineer 
Job description: 1. The new machine part of the pilot production of electronic arrangements. Governance tools, test programs, recording programs prepare materials to confirm.
2. For volume production models often Sunda PCBA analysis and processing, SOP, EN production and distribution, IQC incoming inspection standard of excellence.
3. The verification experiment of electronic components and materials, and recognition, ESD, EMI and other experiments testing the reliability of authentication. Costs. 
Reasons for leaving: Home accident 
Company's name:Friwo(shenzhen) Elcetronic CompanyBegin and end date: 2003-11-2006-11
Enterprise nature:Sino-foreign joint venturesIndustry: Communication/Telecom/Network Equipment
Job Title: Technology Engineer 
Job description: 1. The new products, import and follow-up, including: try to do the coordination and led the preparation of process flow diagram, BOM confirmation and verification, design verification process analysis, risk assessment and process improvement.
2.The New products and mass production models PCBA, transformers, assembly production process documentation, process the file version of the upgrades and updates, new product prototyping, production process guidance, and staff technology training.
3. Production-line manufacturing process Sunda regular analysis and processing, to improve the formulation of preventive measures, productivity and production efficiency improvement. 
Reasons for leaving: Personal development space  
Company's name:Liteon electrical(DongGuang) Limited Company  Begin and end date: 2000-07-2003-11
Enterprise nature:OthersIndustry: Communication/Telecom/Network Equipment
Job Title: IE 、PE engineer 
Job description: 1.The Abnormal production line analysis and processing, SOP, EN manufacturing, production process improvement.
2. Import and follow-up of new products, new product and production process led improvements.
3. Capacity upgrade, standard working hours in the formulation, we can see the way IE processes to improve production and reduce production costs. 
Reasons for leaving: Personal development 
Educational Background
Name of School: the electronics industry in Jiangxi Institute of Yuzhou
Highest Degree: Associate Date of Graduation: 2000-07-01
Name of Major 1: Electronic Engineering and Management Name of Major 2:  
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1993-091996-07in Gansu Huixian fifth High schoolXXXXXXXXXhigh school graduates
1998-092000-07the Jiangxi Institute of Yuzhou the electronics industryElectronic Engineering and Managementtertiary graduates
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: good
Language ability: To use Protel99, Word, Excel etc.
Chinese level: good Cantonese Level: normal
Relevant skills and abilities
  16 years of power supply, printers, scanners and other office automation equipment industry, there are often good at Sunda and processing power, communication and co-ordination and arrangements for the new product introduction, and is familiar with the operation of testing, such as: Tektronix oscilloscope. Sunda line through regular analysis and production process improvement, re-design of the production process, making the company's production capacity and continuous yield improvement and solve problems by the company's long-term quality and production capacity issues. Through many years of work and their continuous efforts in the electronics industry has accumulated a wealth of work experience, work in the coming years of experience to play with the progress and development with the company.
Self-recommendation letter
  I have a good exception analysis and processing capabilities, electronic product process design experience, very familiar with the electronic products production and processing processes, such as: switching power supply, transformer, PCBA, SMT, the printer assembly production process, PCBA manufacturing process of the DIP process The solder paste and SMT technology processes. In the production process has to improve the
experience. Have a good team spirit and professionalism, good communication and coordination ability, has many years of communication power supply, printers, office automation equipment and other products of experience. Able to use Protel99, Word, Excel and other software.

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