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Select Photo Name Sex Age Degree Major School
Miss. G female 27 Associate Accounting Secondary vocational schools in Guangdong(Financial School)
Jones Huang male 40 Associate Mechanical designing / computer application NanNing Vocational University
JacksonCheng male 33 Bachelor Accounting GuangDong HuiZhou University
Tang Murong male 38 Bachelor Macromolecule Materials Engineering South China University of Technology
Mr. C male 29 Bachelor Electronic Commerce GuangZhou KangDa University
Mr. W male 45 Bachelor Industry and Business management Guangzhou University
Huang male 25 Associate webdesign gdcp
Simon Lang male 49 Bachelor Mechanic & Machinery Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology
Eryuan Ou male 29 Bachelor architecture / count Wuhan Industrial vocational technical college
Arain Sajid U Rahman male 28 Master Chemical Engineering Beijing University of Chemical Technology
gai guo wang male 42 Associate Electronic Engineering and Management the electronics industry in Jiangxi Institute of Yuzhou
Miss. l female 34 Associate Business English / Financial accounting Guang zhou radio broadcasting and television university
Ye Ning female 33 Associate english / computer Guangzhou university
Miss. T female 35 Bachelor English JiNan University
Fan gai xian male 39 Technical secondary school Mechanical Manufacture Zhengzhou industryr college
Bill Zhou male 35 Master International relationship Xiangtan University
Julie Yang female 31 Bachelor English Zhanjiang Normal University
peter wang male 37 Bachelor equipment engineering Guangdong university of technology
wangmingjun male 49 Bachelor Process equipment chengdu university of science and technology
Mr. z male 50 Bachelor Mechanical manufacture-equipment Shandong Industry University

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