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The most influential No.1 brand in the market of human resource of China
SCMHR, launches your future

Built in 13rd,Sep.,1995,South China Market of Human Resources is a state-level regional market of human resources established by the Ministry of Personnel and the People's Government of Guangzhou City, offering services of talent introduction, talent collocation and graduates' job seeking. Since our establishment,according to our mission"serving for talents,serving for society", South China Market of Human Resources continuously provides more professional,industrial,informationalized and international services. We have provided more than 5000 of all types of site job fairs and about 700,000 recruiters and nearly 14 million talents participated in the job fairs. www, owns more than 480,000 member companies, accumulative total 7 million personnel registered resumes, about 560,000 position information launched per month and more than 12.5 million website page view per day. We introduce more than 300,000 excellent talents and graduates to Guangzhou,providing full personnel agency service for more than 4000 companies and 200,000 people,dispatching nearly 100,000 talents and manage more than 350,000 personnel files. We provide 121,000 public services cards to the unemployed graduates,setting up more than 200 internship employment bases and serves for several million graduates.

South China Market of Human Resources provides superior socialized professional services of recruiting, managing and servicing talents for corporations. And now it is a main channel for the talents in South China to communicate together and a main platform of providing services for talents in Guangzhou and graduates' job seeking. After having received outstanding talent effect and social benefit, we are praised as Guangzhou city civilization unit and Guangdong Province civilization unit successively. Otherwise, for many years, we are awarded as "A-level taxpayer" by Guangzhou Municipal State Taxation Bureau and Guangzhou Municipal Local Taxation Bureau and ranked the first ten of paying taxes in Tianhe district. We are at the leading place within the human resources market of whole country, providing strong talent guarantee and intelligent support for Guangzhou's economic and social development , at the same time, we create the first brand of talent services industry for Guangzhou that affecting the whole country.

South China Market of Human Resources Address: 6-11/F, Nanfang Jingdian Building, No.198 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou
Huapu Building,No.104 Tianhe Road,Guangzhou
Customer Service Hotline:020-85586998