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Welcome to the Best HR Website in China.



South China HR English Website( the English official website of South China HR Market, which is China’s largest and most professional comprehensive HR Market. We mainly provide a series of services including online recruitment, network AD, headhunting service, personnel affairs service, talents leasing, talent training and certification, salary investigation etc. Currently, its middle-and-high-rank talent base has accumulated almost 200,000 resumes, & the number of resumes grows by 500 copies per day. The website has 0.3 million views per day on an average, and relying on 8.5 million members of, we can dispatch international talents for enterprises as well as foster good company image internationally.

Our absolute advantage
Authoritative agency & reliable service
 · With strong government background.
 · Strong brand support by South China Market of HR.
       · Since 2003,We have won"The Top 10 HR Service Agency Award"&"The best HR service agency Award"for three years in          
         annual election of China's HR industry.

Four Features of South China HR English Website
Focus on audiences in high-level Market:

Middle & high level talents pool including national excellent talents,returnee,foreign experts,oversea students in China,over 30,000 fresh hot resumes per month.

Posting Foreign-related jobs worldwide synchronization:

Post hot & high quality jobs round the clock to help enterprise recruit international talents and enhance enterprise image.

First-hand global HR resource:

Recommend to you primary home & abroad resources such as resume tips,interview guide,HR headlines,HR management articles etc.

Characteristic HR service:

The pluralism way of foreign-related HR service, including headhunting,HR agent service,HR leasing,Talents training,salary investigation.

Analysis of Talent Pool: