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Name: Mr. VISEN Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Guangzhou Height/Weight: 168 cm70 kg
Marital Status: Age: 43 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: CFO/Finance Director/Manager: accountant 、 Finance Consultant: auditor 、 Lawyer / Legal Adviser: international trader
Working life: 20 Title: Middle title
Job type: Both Expected Start date: In a month
Expected salary: ¥6500~¥14999 Preferred working place: Guangzhou Foshan Baiyun
Work experience
Company's name:enviro windows and doors  LTDBegin and end date: 2008-10-2010-01
Enterprise nature:Sino-foreign joint venturesIndustry: Petroleum/Chemical Industry/Minerals/Geology
Job Title: accountant supervision 
Job description: use english make accounting voucher  ,make financial report include balance sheet ,profit and loss  account cash flow sheet ,make english financial report boss needed .
charge inventory in or out ,compute cost of project produce ,charge and  arrangement all account payable audit  expenditure .
report all tax by internet ,include local tax ,personnel income tax ,value add tax ,enterprise income tax .export refund tax 
Reasons for leaving: big loss ,can not usual operating 
Company's name:buick car sell companyBegin and end date: 2008-01-2008-06
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: leader of accountant 
Job description: signate sell car contract ,audit accountants and cashier work content  ,arrange all tax payable ,end of month close all accounts  ,make all financial report balance sheet ,profit and loss sheet and cash flow sheet ,report all  taxes bly internet ,make financial statement management needed. 
Reasons for leaving: join senior accounting exam 
Company's name:NAN XING biology technic companyBegin and end date: 2007-05-2008-01
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Petroleum/Chemical Industry/Minerals/Geology
Job Title: leader of accountant 
Job description: charge whole accounting event ,charge and arrange tax event ,charge inventory in or out ,compute cost of product ,compute account receivable and account payable ,receive material invoice ,print sell invoice ,make all financial report ,reported all tax by internet  ,communication with government ,communication cash in bank ,charge manage bank event . 
Reasons for leaving: new labour contract , 
Company's name:GUANG ZHOU HUI NANG lamp companyBegin and end date: 2005-01-2007-05
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Communication/Telecom Operation﹑VAS
Job Title: leader of accountant 
Job description: charge whole accounting event ,charge and arrange tax event ,charge inventory in or out ,compute cost of product ,compute account receivable and account payable ,
audit all expenditure ,compute sell amount ,bring how to improve plan ,then check in the next time audit . 
Reasons for leaving: big loss ,big account receivable . 
Company's name:DONG GUANG omexey firm exteriorise goupBegin and end date: 2003-03-2004-12
Enterprise nature:Sino-foreign joint venturesIndustry: Papermaking/Printing/Packaging
Job Title: auditor 
Job description: charge audit 7company ,audit content is deal with accounting event ,evaluate all tax payable rationally ,evaluate inventory rationally ,income with labour and material using proportion,main product cost of roduct analyse ,account receivable  and so on ,hand in audit repot to director meeting , 
Reasons for leaving: salary are low 
Company's name:JI LIN provence DO BANG drug store COMPANYBegin and end date: 2001-07-2003-03
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Petroleum/Chemical Industry/Minerals/Geology
Job Title: sales manager 
Job description: manage salesman develop market ,plan develop market . 
Reasons for leaving: want to develop to south 
Educational Background
Name of School: CHANGCHUN tax university
Highest Degree: Bachelor Date of Graduation: 2001-07-01
Name of Major 1: computer using Name of Major 2: accounting 
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
1998-012001-07CHANGCHUN financial collegecomputer using01293710
1998-092002-12CHANGCHUN tax universityaccounting65220103002062623
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: good
Language ability: can use english do whole accounting event ,communication by english
Chinese level: excellent Cantonese Level: normal
Relevant skills and abilities
  proficient operate industry and commercial firm whole accounting  event ,operate tax control machiner ,report all tax by internet  ,capability do all ,include buy material ,produce use material  ,finish product ,warehouse inventory in or out .can design  cost method   ,can design accounting ledger ,accounting subject ,design accounting book by tax government needed .
can do with foreign firm whole accounting event ,receive foreign currency ,can do with  export and import account ,report export refund tax ,can use english do whole account event ,make english accounting voucher ,english financial  report ,proficient operate china aport .apply for export report custom sheet ,apply for export receival currency sheet .
can manage whole financial  department ,arrange accountant work content  .arrange all tax event .communication  tax government department ,communication with  bank .and so on .
Self-recommendation letter
  i am from a farm family in  CHONG QING provence ,in my group up is poor ,let me have strong mind change my life ,not like my parent .
so i study very hard ,hope technology can can my life .
is right ,my learn more from my study and teacher teach .know west developed country ,know physic philosophy,economics ,mathematics and so on .i into high college by my study hard ,let me have more chance continue my study .
in my college ,i am very happily in my study .let me know how to spent my whole life ,how to know the whole society ,how to know human being develop .
now society money let gus crazy ,but i believe excellent character ,high diathesis,excellent tectology is best ,to our life .

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